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PES 2013 Registration

Physics Education Seminar
Perimeter Institute Workshops
Challenge of Quantum Reality and Measuring Planck's Constant
The Physics of Innovation and Revolutions in Science
3 June 2013 (1 day)
4-5 June 2013 (1.5 day)
5-6 June 2013 (1.5 day)
SGD 50 or Free for PI workshop participants
SGD 250
SGD 250

* Note that the cost of each Perimeter workshop includes in-class kits for each participant.

** PES 2013 Registration is now closed. If you are interested in attending the seminar or workshops, please contact us at [email protected] to find out whether there are places remaining.

*** The organisers cannot accept cancellations after this date (31 Mar 2013). The full cost of the registration(s) will be chargeable.